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I have approximately 100 junk Rand McNally GPS is in a box of my *** I got so angry that I was going to go ahead and go online and run them over with my big rig they got real worried about that and sent me a tnd 730 it's work fine up till now I even bought my wife on for her big rig now my date on my calendar shows 2099 I called in about it after spending three days trying to figure out what was wrong they told me all what will give you a credit there's a problem with the unit and they don't have a fix so they will credit me $100 on buying a upgrade I told them now I am going to make a video I am going to run over all of Rand McNally products that I have including dash cam GPS and eld's then I am going to see if I can get a lawyer to file a class action suit for all of us that have been abused by this multimillion-dollar company probably multibillion-dollar company everybody's right it took me four hours to get through on customer service I'm going to make this video and put it on YouTube and I'm going to go talk to my lawyers and see if we can't get a class action suit going for all of us I am tired of spending the kind of money I've given this company hopefully everyone will jump on the class action suit when it comes out I have over $30,000 invested into Rand McNally products I'm done they told me $100 discount for an upgrade anything they have on the market now cost $200 more than what I'm using boy that sounds like a good deal give me a break Rand McNally your bending your customers over and you're probably smiling at the same time yours is coming

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I bought the overdryve 8 pro and it has proven to be a 700 dollar paper weight. The Sirius xms quit charging, which is how the whole thing charges.

But there is a port on the tablet itself so you can charge it, well now it doesn't charge either.

Total junk. Of course when I call customer support they tell me they are just for updates not technical support.


Glad I'm not the only one having problems. I have the TND 8 tablet.

The GPS app doesn't work at all! I borrowed a 530 from work it is working but the date and time is f'd up... I downloaded the CoPilot GPS app on is working fine..although it is a pay service.

I'm using the 14 free days... Rand Mcnally sucks!


GPS epoch Rollover is the problem. This has been fixed by other GPS companies with a software upgrade.


TND 530 has the same "GPS epoch date and time" problem and support offered me the same sucky upgrade deal. The last GPS epoch was August 21st, 1999.

They knew about this problem since before this unit was manufactured.

Talk about planned obsolescence! Rand McNally should pay for this...


My tnd 730 started doing this a little over a week ago stating the date was Aug 24th,2099. Today, April 17th, it says it is Sept 1st.

It appears to match the date on your unit.

It also randomly believes the time is one hour ahead. So, when less than an hour away from destination, it will state the arrival time is before the current time even though I am on I-5 in Washington and not going to be changing time zones.

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