Rand Mcnally - Product doesnt work

Not resolved

I paid $ 427.99 for a Rand McNally tnd 720 gps.97% of the time it says address not available or the numbers will not go high enough for the address.

I called Rand McNally after emailing them the situation that said it sounds like technical support will need to help you. I called and spoke with a rep Nathan Eckells that says he is the only supervisor in the company and he was not going to help because its not the gps and that there is absolutely NO ONE else I could speak to to get my issue resolved. I then gave him one of the many addresses that will not work and he wasn't able to find it either. it was for a well known steel plant in Arkansas.

He said well there are a lot of places that are private and we are not allowed to get their addresses So apparently 97% of the addresses my husband has to deliver loads to are not in the system. Funny thing is he used someone elses GPS rand McNally which didn't have any problems with finding any of those addresses its just my husbands unit I advised them of this and he said its not the gps. So now I am out 427.99.

This is the biggest piece of *** gps I have ever seen and Rand McNally has the absolute crappy customer service I have ever dealt with...I feel completely ripped off......

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